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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  March 22, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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crap. use the one that you own. again, thanks for coming in. >> that's "countdown." congratulations again on getting through another day of this crap. i'm keith olbermann, good night and good luck. i'm jennifer grandholm in is "the war room" on current tv. tonight we'll focus on the war on women and racism against black men. president obama wants the keystone pipeline sped up. the war on women is intensifying. we'll tell you how the gop is trying to further curtail women's rights. and we'll have the latest on the
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death of trayvon martin, which is sparking a great deal of conversation across the country. this is "the war room." come on inside. ♪ yes, we're going to keep on drilling. yes, we're going to keep on emphasizing production, yes, we're going to make sure we can get oil to ♪ >> that was president obama in curbing, oklahoma today. the president was in cushing to push the southern half of the keystone pipeline. it is part of his strategy that includes renewables and drilling. we heard about the purpose of the keystone pipeline for months
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delivering energy resources from alberta's tar sands all the way to the gulf. other words bringing crude oil to the refineries so it can be made into gasoline. where is it oklahoma was worth a visit from the president. it sits in the middle of the continental u.s.'s oil production. those red areas are where drilling and oil is. there's a major storage depot at the intersection of these pipelines. and this area is where our oil is, but it also sits, cushing does 485 miles away from the texas gulf refineries, so once this section of the pipeline is completed, that section is supposed to bring about 830,000 barrels of oil to refineries every day. but there's no question that the
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keystone pipeline is all about politics in this election year. take a listen. >> the problem in a place like cushing is that we're actually producing so much oil and gas in place like north dakota and colorado, that we don't have enough pipeline capacity to transport all of it to where it needs to go, both to refineries and eventually all across the country and around the world. >> now, of course, the republican candidates have pounced on this issue. >> i am just not quite sure what kind of impact that is going to have, given the fact it is not contacted to that canadian oil. apparently the slipping poll numbers have caused him to announce the lower half of that pipeline. >> so president obama has to balance these competing progressive goals.
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on the progressive side environmentalism and job creation. so there's a fight on the left. environmental groups are opposed to that northern leg of the keystone pipeline because of concerns over ground water in nebraska and the pipeline furthers our dependance on oil, from the tar sands from canada, which is even dirtier than regular oil. so there is this gem that rick santorum gushed while he was drilling for votes in louisiana yesterday. >> this administration is destroying the energy industry in this country, particularly offshore and the gulf. basically stopping the permitting of drilling in the gulf, and we talked about the underlying reason for him doing that. and the reason is because he
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warming. >> santorum is just wrong about down playing the president's commitment to domestic drills. let me show you a quick chart. this is the operating oil rigs since the year 2000, but you notice since the president took office, he has obviously approved a huge number of new drilling permits, in fact 400 just in the gulf since the bp oil spill. and let me just say rick santorum is obviously also wrong about man made global warming and climate change. so for analysis of how we can tackle these problems, we're going to turn to michael mann, who is a well-respected climatology professor.
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thank you for joining us. >> thanks for welcoming me. it is great jennifer. >> it is such an unusual name for the and book, what does it mean climate wars." >> the hockey stick was the name given to a curve which attempted to extend the climate back in time. we wanted to know how unusual the warming of the past century was in the longer-term context. was it just something that happens naturally or was there something unusual about the recent warming. so we used indirect archives of information, tree rings and corrals -- >> you have got to speak in plain language for us all. just the basic stuff. >> yeah, information from natural archives. you look at the thickness of the annual layers of growth in
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trees, and often that's telling you something about the climate during the time the tree grew. or look at ice cores and corral records and using sort of indirect information about how the climate varied in the past. very imperfect but nonetheless useful natural thermometers. >> what is the met for -- i have a hockey stick in my hand. so what is the handle part of the hockey stick represent? >> the handle, sort of the -- is the long-term decline from the relatively warm conditions a thousand years ago, to the cold conditions of what we call the little ice age, the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries, and the blade is the warming that has occurred sense. the recent warming was indeed
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unprecedented as far back as we could go. other scientists have extended these findings, so we know the recent warming is unusual in the long-term context, and there's a whole body of work that tells us it is not natural in nature. >> what you are suggesting, though, is that the blade is the recent warming, and that blade began to turn up, or the grass that this represents would turn up at the beginning of the industrial age? >> yeah, and we can make models of the climate and see if we can reproduce what the observations tell us. and if you put the natural events in there only, you are unable to explain the blade, the recent warming. it's only when we put the increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere that we can explain the warmth
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decades. >> so i'm at the dinner table with crusty uncle joe, who does not belief that the climate change that we have been experiencing was made by humans. what can you tell me, just in the most simplist of terms would be the best argument i could make for him, that in fact humans? >> sure. i have encountered quite a few of those uncle joes myself. and i think there's this misconception that this is controversial science, when in fact it's basic if is -- is -- physics. we designed heat-seeking missiles which we used in world
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war ii. this is not controversial science. we're increasing the concentration through fossil fuel burning and other activities to levels that we haven't seen in hundreds of thousands of years and probably
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whether the globe is warming, we're debating things like how much warming will we see in what will be the precise impacts on brought patterns in north america. there are still issues that are being debated, but the fact that we're warming the planet is not one of them. >> all right. that is michael mann with his book, "the hockey stick and the climate wars."
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coming up the power of public outcry. plus the war on women continues to rage. republicans are now going to even greatest length to take away a women's right to choose. you have to see this. and later we'll head out to the campaign front as we enter the etch-a-sketch of the gop primary. we're just getting started at the war room and we want you to have a seat at the table. go to to connect with us and make your voice heard. we'll be right back.
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♪ the supreme court will review the president's healthcare reform law next week, and the ruling could have major implications for women's access to care. first, though, more attacks on individual women's rights. in idaho the state legislature is now requiring women to get an ultrasound before an abortion. but here is the really incredible part. at the idaho state house today, anti-abortion advocates performed ultra sounds on pregnant women to demonstrate how harmless the procedure is.
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>> how can you hate, an baby. i just don't understand. i see moms nodding their heads. >> if the law passes, idaho would join 20 other states with ultrasound requirements, and it is part of a major legislative assault on women. in 2011, more than 1100 laws were introduced that would limit abortion access. now next week the supreme court will hear arguments on the repeal of the affordable care act which creates important protections for women. the law says insurance companies cannot deny women coverage or charge them more than men and eliminate copays on preventtive care on women. i'm joined by nancy keenan,
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welcome into the war room. >> good to be here. >> i don't know if you have enough troops. >> we have great troops, and i'll tell you the silver lining in all of this insanity, is that the younger generation of women and men have joined the forces, and they are outraged by what they are seeing. >> it is just zany how much -- the volume and then type of legislation that has been passed. are these bills coming from some one place? because they seem to replicate -- >> you know, look, we predicted before the 2010 election that if some of these folks were elected we were going to see an on slot on women's reproductive rights. and that's exactly what happened. and it's not new. we have been fighting this battle for a long time. i think what has happened is that the news media has taken notice, and that people are outraged by the insanity of the
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health. >> certainly we're seeing that with these vaginal ultrasounds. it's so unbelievable. but there is also this element of what is happening at the state level -- let's talk about, for example, what is happening in texas. in texas they are defunding planned parenthood, and you have 130,000 women who now will no longer have access to health care. so it's not just about abortion, it's about the state of women's health that you are also battling. >> it's the hypocrisy here. because those same people are also wanting to deny access to birth control. and if we made birth control widely available to women, you can reduced unintended abortion. >> of course. >> this is insane. >> so mitt romney, who is also,
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of course, running for defunding planned parenthood as well of course is repealing the reform act, he writes an editorial which calls health care reform an unfolding disaster for the american economy. is he complicit in this war? >> he is one of the warriors on the war on women. he calls for the overturning of rowe versus wade, he wants to defund planned parenthood in this country. he is the one that so clearly to us will be the contrast between president obama who is pro choice, and a guy who doesn't tear about women's health. >> women are now overwhelmingly favors obama over
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romney. he leads 55 to 38%. >> we don't take anything for granted, though. it's a lot of months until the election. we just finished polling of what we call the obama defectors. who are over 50, and maybe disappointed over all, and those women are going to make the difference in this election. we know that that particular group of women will be moved on the issue of protecting abortion care in this country. so we'll be talking to them and drawing the contrast. >> they just stay home? >> they may stay home -- >> they wouldn't go to him. >> no, but staying home is a problem. out.
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>> for sure. on the healthcare affordable care act overall this is an issue of messaging that i think really needed to be pushed. because i don't think people understand it. we have done a segment or two, and we're going to continue to work on that in this little setting that i have. but women pay a billion dollars more for their healthcare annually than men do. even if you take out maternity and care related to having a child, they still pay 30% more than men do, but the affordable care act requires that everybody be treated equally. i don't think women really understand that. >> i don't think they do yet. but that's our job. but also the availability of prenatal care these women get. the opportunity for the preventative care you just spoke of. mammograms, and the exams they
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to with greater fuel efficiency and "i don't think now is the right time for us to encourage the use of more gasoline." he supported what is now president obama's position.
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oops. thank you so much for coming into the war room. that is nancy keenan. if you want to find out more about the war on women, and the attack on women that perhaps the majority of the population woke up? >> idaho is not known as approaching act i.v. you had hundreds of women show up, thousands signed petitions.
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they made their voices heard. what happens is that now, the legislators are running scared. very similar laws have passed quietly in other states for the past 10 years, really in the past two years have intensified. pennsylvania a similar law was shelved, idaho this proved to be political poison. women are paying attention and having their voices heard. >> thanks for coming in. >> the aclu considers a demand that to get a job you have to let an employer open your private mail, the senate wants to make it illegal to hand over a password to your facebook account.
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♪ back in "the war room," i'm jennifer grandholm. this drawing by editorial cartoonist r.j. matson of the "st. louis dispatch," pretty much sums up the plight of mitt romney. much. compare his favorability rating to that of former president george w. bush. these favorability rankings, former president bush today is more popular than mitt romney. no, you did together hear me wrong. bush is at 45%. mitt romney at 33%. not very good. and this weekend, just to bring you up to speed on what is happening -- of course we can't forget there is a primary coming up in louisiana, and the rest of
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the republican field will compete with mitt romney, but check it out, santorum at 43%, romney at 31, and then gingrich and paul bringing up the rear. santorum, of course is predicting that his winning streak is going to go beyond louisiana. so romney, by the way was not on the trail today. he is in washington for a private fund raiser with congressional republicans. i don't know what that does, but our next guest proves that you don't have to live in washington to be a leading national winning writer with the "san francisco chronicle." carla so glad you could join us. we're hear to talk about national politics. >> okay. >> i'm just wondering you saw these favorability numbers. are you surprised that mitt romney is actually doing worse
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wbush. >> that is a little bit surprising, but with his classic toy metaphors etch-a-sketch, is it in wonder. but that's one of the reasons. a metaphor for his whole campaign. this one is going to stick. >> there are all sorts of political satirists who have already ordered their etch-a-sketch and all of that. it's interesting to me how people view george w. bush with rose-colored glasses on? >> yeah, in a lot of ways it is true.
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george w. bush at least had this air of authenticity -- >> right. stuck. >> he made a decision, he was what he was, and didn't try to reset -- >> bill clinton once said this too, if people -- just make a decision. you know -- just make a decision, and stick with it. >> this is the thing i think romney is going to have to face from here on out. >> i want to show you a little bit of what has been going on on the democratic side in terms of romney. listen to this new ad which puts a different spin on it. >> planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. ♪ >> i was a severely conservative ♪ >> the essence of -- the gist of this ad, is that he is in fact
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too conservative, where up to this point everybody has been talking about the flip flop, this is a general election message, is it not? >> absolutely. romney has so many problems now when it comes to who he is and what he stands for. i talked to a couple of republican consultants who said we're not sure what his brand is. it has shifted so many times. >> i think what is interesting about that is is that if the democrats start to push this mien of being too conservative it confuses it all for the general election too, but even if that stuck, that he was too conservative, that's not going to be a popular general election brand either. >> no, on so many issues he has been pushed to the right.
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susan martinez. winning writer with the "san francisco chronicle," thank so much. coming up, more developments in the tragic case of trayvon martin. we'll get you updated and have a brighter discussion about race in america. it's only on "the war room" on current tv. [ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter. [ male announcer ] this is lawn
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a great tasting mint core,
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frosted in powerful cooling crystals. ice breakers frost. feel the frost. it is apparent my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process, therefore, i have come to the decision that i must temporarily remove myself as police chief for the city of sanford, i do this to hope to bring some calm to the city of sanford. >> that is bill lee announcing he is stepping aside amid pressure he hasn't properly handled the investigation of the martin.
9:37 pm
and rick scott also said he has appointed a special prosecutor to look into the case. trayvon's death has ignited a topic of how black men have to live under a different set of rules than white men. we're joined by kamau bell, political activist and comedian. i know you have a definite opinion about this, and you attended the million hoodie rally here yesterday in san francisco. and in talking about this segment with our team here, it struck us that there's just a conversation that is had in african american families that is not had to be had in white families, and i'm wondering if that conversation was had when you were growing up.
9:38 pm
>> absolutely. it was me and my mom mostly. and that conversation was had so regularly i don't remember when it first happened. >> what was it? it fir haen. >> whawa >> t?he c on versat tion that says be c ve at n hatcareful. ss byou are a ack ma le , caanfuyou u e blama aou have to watch what you say, and what where you are, and watch when people are watching you. and to the point of being overly polite in situations, because i don't want people to be off put by my black maleness. >> do you feel it is -- i think there was a "washington post" columnist that called at it burden of other people's bear. >> absolutely. anybody who is outside of straight white maleness, you have to deal with other people's expectations and fear around who you are. you are constantly compensating
9:39 pm
for other people's fear. i asked my mom when she first had that discussion with me, and old. >> what would she tell an eight year old. >> we were in a store, and a plane store detective started following us around, and she said that's the store detective he thinks we're going to steal something. don't touch anything or put anything in your pocket that you don't intend to buy. i sometimes remind myself, did i touch something or put something in my pocket. stores. kicked out of stores and told never to come back, when i didn't take anything. and this is just a regular part of being a black male in america. and if there's anything that has come out of the trayvon situation it is that discussion.
9:40 pm
>> i knew a fabulous judge and he would say there is not a day that goes by that he is not reminded that he is a black man in america. >> absolutely. and sadly you are reminding yourself a long time. i'm always remembering that -- i just went to a store around the corner before i came here. a liquor store, and i'm aware when i go in there, that i fit the profile of what he thinks of a person that robbed this place. >> and how about interactions with the police? have you had interaction that your white contemporaries have not had? >> one time i was driving with a friend of mine, a white woman. and she got pulled over because she didn't have tags not registered. and i said i didn't be a black man getting pulled over. i said you put me in jeopardy.
9:41 pm
the cop came over to my side of the car that i wasn't driving, and asked for my idea and then go. >> this is a conversation i know is had in the african american community a lot. but it's not a conversation that white america thinks about -- >> or even wants to have. >> right. it's part of white privileges you don't have to think of. but i think this trayvon case has opened up a window, i think, for all of america to see how horrible it must be to bare that constantly, especially when you are an innocent 17 year old boy. >> yeah, and it's horrible to bare it, but it's also something that i think black people in america have kind of gotten used to, but it's the thing that makes black people seem crazy sometimes. it's always carrying that around
9:42 pm
with us. >> that's another psychological burden -- part of the unfairness of it. >> like with ptsd after war. >> president obama has stepped in on a couple of issues like this. is this something that he should say something about? >> he should say something about trayvon and troy davis, oscar grant who was killed by a cop in oakland. he constantly -- i think what people don't get, when we elected a black president, we thought at the very least we backs. >> and you don't feel like he has had your backs? necessarily. >> i think he is maybe afraid of looking too black. but at the very least like in this sherrod situation, it look maybe a second for the
9:43 pm
that. >> it is a somebody sensitive for an executive when there is an ongoing investigation, but don't you feel like at least with this president, and this attorney general, that there will be -- that this issue will be addressed? >> you know. i have sort of been burned a little bit by obama with the race issue before. it's not that i think he's a bad guy, but i certainly think he has left the black community short. george w. bush and dick cheney put their fingers everywhere in america that they wanted to. and we thought that we would elect a black president who would use that bully pulpit in the same way, and he doesn't. >> oh, it hurts me. kamau bell stay right where you are, we're coming back after the break we'll be joined by another
9:44 pm
smart political satirist, and maybe get a little lighter on it. stephanie miller is stopping by to talk politics and social issues, and her new show on current tv. we'll be right back. >> one general in the war on women claims there isn't such a thing, it's all political theater, coming up.
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♪ you are with us again is political satirist, kamau bell, and joining us our newest edition to the current family, it's stephanie miller. she's host of the stephanie miller show. stephanie, well to current, the war room tonight.
9:48 pm
>> thank you, governor. i'm not entirely sure al gore won't pull the plug on this before i start. but so far so good. >> today i understand on your show you had the person for a progressive group called media matters. and that group is taking out ads against rush limbaugh across the spectrum, it's my understanding. and since you are a progressive talk show host, i'm wondering should other shock jocks and radio hosts be nervous that groups might be targeting you for -- with ads? >> governor that's exactly what i said to angelo is i got to tell you this makes all of us in radio a little nervous. as bill mahr said he lost his show because of an advertiser
9:49 pm
thing. i am going to invite rush limbaugh on my show next week when i debut on current to talk about how advertiser boycotts hurt all of us in radio, because it does cut both ways. the right wing group could use my first two days on current to say stephanie said x, y, and z, to go against me. >> that's so interesting. because we have been hearing that -- you know, he is the scourge of the earth and should come down? >> in some ways you are right. and i made that case too. he attacked a private citizen for three days calling her a slut and a prostitute and 57 other great things, you know, and that is a little different, and advertisers -- some of his advertisers are mine, governor, so they made the decision to
9:50 pm
drop him, but not me, all i'm saying at some point they don't go talk radio in general is just too controversial. >> we don't want that to happen either. all across talk radio today, and kamau bell i'm going to ask you this today -- the etch-a-sketch remark by governor romney's assistant. and apparently etch-a-sketch stock today scored, something like 1700% or something like that. so it's making me want to figure out what is the next toy -- >> i'm so excited for the etch-a-sketch. because that's way more fun for than an ipad. it has been a long time. >> yes. stephanie this etch-a-sketch
9:51 pm
mean is going to be played out across the airwaves over the next several months? >> yeah. my sexy liberal is the one that asked the question on cnn. and not a gotcha yes. just a general question. so this guy offered this -- and i agree with kamau bell that if they get to foreign policy is someone going to be the battleship game? like oh, you sunk my battleship? what other toys will be pot lighted. >> romney is like a pet rock -- >> oh! >> a lava lamp if you will. >> we are here in the war room, and nobody has sent us a chia pet yet from the campaign. i want to see a couple of chia pet. i want to get your reactions to
9:52 pm
this. elizabeth warren called upon the president to complete his evolution in his stance on gay marriage, and she says i want to see the president evolve, because i believe that that is right, marriage equality is morally right. is that going to happen? >> no. next question? [ laughter ] >> you don't think so. stephanie what do you think? >> governor, i'm a gay woman, so i would like that to be the case, but i also want to say that we have had more progress on gay rights under this president than all of the previous presidents combined. so i think that it is a no-brainer on who to vote for -- for any kind of civil rights in this next election. >> i think it will be an interesting dance that is played. so many of us want to see that
9:53 pm
as part of the plank platform, and it will be interesting to see how they craft something -- >> i have a theory about the whole second term thing. >> just tell us -- >> yeah, keep it to yourselves, everybody. but the second term he is going to do all of this incredible stuff that he couldn't do in his first term because he was running for recollect. >> there you go. >> kamau bell, and stephanie miller, host of the stephanie miller show we premiered this monday on current tv. up next when brett found out the gop candidates were playing with toys, he skipped the bar and came right to work this morning. you're about to watch an ad message created by a current tv viewer for
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♪ all right. i have to make a correction, in the wake of the mitt romney etch-a-sketch debacle, the etch-a-sketch sales are up over 1500%. not the stock, but the sales are up. was this romney's clever plan all along? shhhh, brett's talking now. >> so it has been about a day and a half and a half since romney's advisor made his etch-a-sketch comment. >> oh, how embarrassing, you do not shake romney to restart him, but you do hit the reset button,
9:57 pm
according to the romney-tron 4,000. santorum has an etch-a-sketch. gingrich has an etch-a-sketch. people are buying etch-a-sketches again. maybe this wasn't a blunder. maybe this was a secret ploy by romney to revitalize the etch-a-sketch industry. obama you can have your car companies. romney is going after what matters to america. the outdated '80s and '90s, fab manufacturing sector. now romney will compare the election to a ferbie, it is pretty cute at first, but then you just want to throw it out the window. it just goes on and on and on and on, and the more you look at it, the more you want to throw up, welcome back
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